Vegetarian Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I enjoy sweet potatoes so much that I’d happily make a one-ingredient dinner out of them. But we all know balance is a good thing, and a little protein plus some savory flavor can transform the humble sweet potato into one incredible main.

These stuffed sweet potatoes are exactly what I want to eat all of the time. They’re vegetarian, but don’t feel like a compromise to meat-eaters (which is a big plus when you’ve got a carnivore in the family). They’re budget-friendly, thanks to just a short list of simple ingredients. And they’re extra wholesome — full of feel-good ingredients that satisfy but won’t weigh you down.

One Smart Ingredient Makes These Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Stand Out
A lot of stuffed sweet potato recipes call for so many ingredients that they end up feeling fussy for something that’s supposed to be pretty modest. This recipe, however, is one I can get behind. You’ll need just a few basic ingredients, one of which transforms the dish into something special: a tiny can of chipotles in adobo.

A chopped chile and some of the can’s sauce bring smoky heat to black beans, while a little more of the sauce kicks up plain Greek yogurt for a spicy chipotle yogurt. A little can goes a long way, too, since you don’t need much of its contents to add flavor. Freeze the rest so you can put this easy dinner on repeat.

Vegetarian Stuffed Sweet Potatoes


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